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Who We Are

Present in Brazil since 1995, brought to Brazil the Venosan our market, Switzerland quality and the latest in manufacturing medical compression stockings. With the most complete socks line segment, Brazil combines technology, Venosan sofisticação, and innovation to their products while maintaining the highest standard of quality, with your registered products and certificados under ISO 9001, taking into account the good practices of Manufacture issued by ANVISA. The Venosan Brazil is committed to developing products that ensure health and beauty to its consumers, security and credibility to the doctors and partners.

Know our products


Offer high quality products at competitive prices, providing health, wellness and beauty to the legs of our customers.


We are among the best of our market in terms of quality, financial return and respect for our customers and employees.


We're passionate about what we do
-Ethics and transparency
-Valuing people
-Customer satisfaction in all dimensions of our operation
-Austere in the application of resources
-Excellence in everything we do

Quality policy

The Brazil Venosan seeks satisfaction of its customers offering high quality products with competitive costs, through the continuous improvement of processes, encouraging and promoting the development of its employees, working in partnership with doctors and suppliers and respecting rules and regulations.

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